I’ll watch the show but I’m disgusted by the couple the show is about because one of the girls is actually a terrible person and you can’t budge my opinion of that and the other is relatable and deserves to be happy.

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i can say a positive thing about faking it. 

i honestly can.

it’s a shame the writing of everyone’s dialogue is awkward and clunky but 

amy is really a darling character.

Anonymous says: I wish good, amazing, beautiful things would happen to you NOW because you deserve it. I hope you know that you deserve all the best. You are amazing, Maizy. I don't know what you will do with that information, but I hope it brings you good things. You are lovely.

Well, theyre not and i don’t think they’re going to but this is a very sweet thing to say.

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Big scary final tomorrow. So not ready.