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really fucking done with my dad and food tbh

i realized my love-hate thing with derek finally

i absolutely fucking loved derek because hi there king of sass. what a flawed guy. nice accent. loved that man.

however, i absolutely detested all his interactions with like every woman in his life. besides eileen i guess. so really i mean like. karen and ivy and daisy and ana to lesser extents. that guy is a piece of shit with women tbh. 
but i really liked him besides that. like with jimmy and kyle? gold.

mesh bras are factually the hottest things in the world

super-sandri replied to your post: why does everyone cream themselves ove…

Cause he’s white and has big hair.

and shiny teeth 

Anonymous asked: because aaron tveit has a wonderful voice and is a fantastic actor and the prettiest smile and that is all i look for

alrighty then, there we have it

"…extremely charming new MTV sitcom, Faking It."

oh sorry excuse me while i puke all over everything at that description